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Sheled Peled is a design-build construction company that embodies the zeitgeist of modern office spaces. Our campus occupies 16.5 acres of land, which is located in the Industrial Park of Caesarea, all built and designed by Sheled Peled. The complex consists of four office buildings with a total area of 9,850 square meters and one industrial building of 2,850 square meters.

About Us

We are a leading boutique real estate company engaged in the development, construction and management of commercial, residential and governmental projects. Our company was first established in 1995 by Mr. Even chen Boaz, and thanks to his new technology, we have always been able to meet the set schedule and budget, to the customer’s satisfaction.

In 2019, we completed the construction of the luxury building, which is approximately 4,500 square meters. A building used for offices and accommodating leading companies from various industries.

Our special technology in construction and insulation methods allow us to achieve a better user experience. We are always happy to demonstrate and tell about our construction method on the various sites.

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Vision & Philosophy

Our vision is to be a premier design & build construction and real estate company that delivers high standard execution and extraordinary results for our customers, partners and employees. Professionalism and quality are at the core of our vision.

Another key aspect of our company's DNA is the personal connection. We found that being present in the campus and keeping close personal connection with the people allows us to provide.

Quality & Innovation

Our company uses advanced construction technologies, thus providing superior quality and user experience for its clients. 

The company uses a technology of acoustic and thermal wall insulation, which is one of a kind in Israel and is superior to the common construction standards. As a result, insulation wraps the walls in a layer of material that slows the rate of heat loss in the winter and cold loss in the summer making the environment in the office much more pleasant for work. As a bonus, customers save on additional energy and electricity used for heating/cooling their office space. 

The acoustic insulation adds to the feeling of privacy and comfort. High ceilings allow the office spaces to be light and airy.

Location Is King!

We are locating in a very convenient and accessible geographical location - no long traffic jams to the office and back, which keeps your employees happier and allows them to be on schedule.

Flexible terms

Sheled Peled always puts clients’ interests first. It is possible to rent an office starting from 70 sq.m. and to 2,000 sq.m depending on the needs of a tenant.

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We offer a 5 star service

Sheled Peled is at your service and is looking forward to starting a fruitful and successful partnership with you.

We will be happy to do a tour for you on our premises, as “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

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Interior fit-out

In most cases Sheled Peled provides the office space to the client after a full fit-out, according to the client’s needs and plans, which are agreed between the company and the client beforehand. 

The company works with top-notch designers and also ready to provide interior fit-out based on designers’ requirements of the tenants.

משרד שלד פלד

For the past 20 years the buildings of Sheled Peled have been leased in full occupancy by prominent clients, some of which stayed with us through all the 20 years.

There are many successful acquisition stories (e.g. Linx, develops miniature cameras for mobile devices, was acquired by Apple to improve cameras on Apple devices, moved to Silicon Valley, US).

There are tenants who started in small 50 sq.m. offices and nowadays rent huge office spaces in our complex (e.g. Mitrassist Medical, that started in an office of 50 sq.m. and now occupies 950sq.m. space).

The Team

בועז אבן חן

Boaz Even Chen

Sheled Peled Chairman
Boaz Even Chen is a person with multifarious interests and activities, founded the company in 1995. A prominent engineer, a Technion graduate. Boaz specializes in the field of design-build construction, showing excellence through its all stages for many years.
ארז אבן חן

Erez Even Chen

Sheled Peled CEO
Erez is a professional with more than 10 years of experience in real estate and design-build construction.
אשל אבן חן

Eshel Even Chen

Sheled Peled Vice President
Eshel gathered over 10 years of experience in real estate, with a strong focus on licensing and planning procedures.

Phone: 04-627-6745

Erez Even Chen: 052-503-2211


Eshel Even Chen: 050-688-3383


20 Alon ha’Tavor St., Industrial Park, Caesarea